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The Bee Gees is a British rock'n'roll pop band formed by three of the Gibb brothers: Barry and twin boys Robin and Maurice from the Isle of Man>. Their total record sales over their entire career are estimated at 220 million , making them one of the largest record salesmen in the history of music.

Over the course of their 40-year career, there are four distinct periods of success: late-1960s pop with songs such as Massachusetts, Lamplight, Words, I Started at Joke, during which Robin and Barry had the same importance. After a decline in popularity and despite their first No. 1 in the United States (How can you mend a broken heart) they settle in Florida, in the mid-1970s, and release the album Main Course (second collaboration with producer Ariff Mardin after Mr Natural) they compose songs of rn'b blue eyed soul and dance-oriented cataloged disco following the success of Saturday Night Fever Saturday Night Fever. At this time, Barry becomes the lead singer. During this period they reach the climax of their success and popularity with 5 of their compositions ranked simultaneously in the top 10 of the United States, they exchange their first place with a tube written for their brother Andy Gibb. These years are called Helium years after the use of the falsetto which becomes their hallmark. They found their inimitable sound and reign on planet Earth. Their presence in the charts lasts for endless weeks.A gigantic tour of North America and Canada of about 40 sold out dates closes this reign (stadiums including several dates at Madison Square Garden) (Boeing customized to the colors and Logos of this 1979 North American Tour Spirits Having Flown, countless trucks live orchestra trucks, movie and video crews, lasers, pyrotechnic effects, illuminated giant logo and flashing lighted parterre ... During the success of Saturday Night Fever and Spirits Having Flown they shoot the movie Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band with Peter Frampton who will have no success. But their aura will not be tainted by the global success of Barry Gibb's last two albums and the Grease tube for the film of the same name.

After that, victims of overexposure due to their success, they open their own recording studio "Middle Ear recording studio" in Miami, Florida and still release the album Living Eyes (He 's a liar) and participate in Staying Alive the band. original of Sylvester Stallone's film (The woman in you, sequel to Saturday Night Fever) and are forgotten as a group by composing new albums for other artists like Barbra Streisand (Guilty) Dionne Warwick (Heartbreaker) Kenny Rogers Eyes that see in the dark (and Dolly Parton: Islands in the stream) Diana Ross

Eaten Alive (Chain Reaction) during the 1980s but also Carola The Runaway and the soundtrack of the movie Hawks (by Barry Gibb) and Barry's solo albums (Now Voyager) Robin (How old are you - with Juliet-) Secret Agent and Walls have Eyes and Andy Gibb (after Flowing Divers and Shadow Dancing), After Dark as well as Maurice's compositions for the cinema and singles like Help Me by Robin Gibb and Marcy Levy.

The BEE GEES return as a group in '87 with the album ESP with new songs such as You Win Again, the album and the world tour One, High Civilization also followed by a European tour (Secret love, When he 's gone), Size isn 't everything (For whom the Bell tolls) (tour canceled due to Barry's back problems) Still waters (Alone) followed by the One night Only tour, one concert per country and broadcast on TV . They also compose Immortality for Celine Dion and assure the choruses .Furthermore the album This is where I came in where each one expresses more personally .Robin fate Magnet and travels on the 5 continents for very many concerts celebrating the music of the Bee Gees after the untimely death of his twin Maurice. After Robin 's death, Barry goes on tour - The MYTHOLOGY tour - with one of his sons and the daughter of Maurice, celebrating the career of the Bee Gees and released in 2016 the album In the Now. Compilations are published regularly. He participates twice in the Glastonbury festival where he still gets a huge success. A collector's box comes out for the 40th anniversary of the release of Saturday Night Fever and a homage concert is organized on television in the presence of John Travolta and where different artists sing the Bee Gees hits, including Celine Dion, Barry Gibb also goes back on scene.

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