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Better than ezra

Better Than Ezra is an American alternative rock band from New Orleans, Louisiana.

Better Than Ezra was formed in 1988 by four members - the vocalist and guitarist, Kevin Griffin; guitarist Joel Rundell; bassist Tom Drummond; and the drummer, Cary Bonnecaze. They were all students at the Louisiana State University at the time of the Better Than Ezra> training. The first Better Than Ezra concert is at Murphy's in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in 1988>. Despite several theories, the group refuses to give the origins of its name.

Better Than Ezra circulated a demo tape at the end of 1988, Chimes Street Demo. In 1990, the band released the album, Surprise.

Joel Rundell, the guitarist, commits suicide on August 8, 1990. The three members separate time to recover from Rundell's death. However, Griffin, Drummond and Bonnecaze reform Better Than Ezra as a trio at the end of 1990.

The group released its first international album Deluxe in 1993 on its own independent label, Swell Records, which drew the attention of majors and radio stations. Better Than Ezra signs with Elektra Records in 1995>. Elektra Records reissued Deluxe in 1995, and the single, Good, reached the top spot of the Hot Modern Rock Tracks which helped the album to be certified platinum at the end of 1995.

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