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Black flag

Black Flag is an American hardcore punk band from Hermosa Beach, California. The group is formed by Greg Ginn, the guitarist, lead composer and only permanent member through multiple staff changes in the band. They are widely regarded as one of the first hardcore punk bands. Their name and logo are reminiscent of the black flag, symbol of anarchist thought.

Following its break in 1986, Black Flag briefly met in 2003 and again between 2013> and 2014. Black Flag has been and remains highly respected in the punk subculture, primarily for their tireless ideology do it yourself.

Formed by Greg Ginn (born June 8, 1954) on guitar, and Chuck Dukowski on bass, Black Flag also includes Keith Morris on vocals and Brian Migdol on drums. The name of the group was suggested by Ginn's brother, the artist Raymond Pettibon, who also designed the group's logo: a stylized black flag represented by four black bars. Pettibon said: "If a white flag signifies surrender, a black flag represents anarchy." Their new name is reminiscent of the anarchist symbol, the insecticide of the same name, and the British heavy metal band Black Sabbath, one of Ginn's favorite bands. He suggested that he was "comfortable with all the implications of this name". The group is painting the simple and striking logo in Los Angeles, California. Pettibon has also created a lot of their wallets. The lyrics of the songs Although being "anti-system", the texts of Black Flag are not libertarian .

In 1977, their demo interested the local independent label Bomp! who, after more than six months, finally decides not to take out their 45 rpm . Ginn and Dukowski decided to found their own SST Records label (Solid State Transmitters) with their friends, Mugger and Spot, and released the 45 rpm Nervous Breakdown in 1978. In 1979 Keith Morris leaves the group to found Circle Jerks. Then comes the song Ron Reyes, with which will be recorded the EP (released on a 12 "at SST Records) Jealous Again containing 5 tracks This will be the only studio recording with Ron Reyes (May 4, 2013 Black Flag unveils new title with Ron Reyes on vocals) followed by singer Dez Cadena.

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