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The Black Keys is an American blues rock duo from Akron, Ohio >>>. The group is composed of singer and guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney. The group's name comes from a schizophrenic artist named Alfred McMoore whom the duo knew and who would have left incoherent messages on their fathers' answering machine referring to them as "black keys" when he was angry.

The band releases its first album The Big Come Up in 2002 on the independent label Alive Records, label specialized in underground music, founded by Patrick Boissel. In 2003, they join the blues label Fat Possum Records based in the state of Mississippi and meet the worldwide success with the album Thickfreakness. The Black Keys pay tribute to the late guitarist Junior Kimbrough as their main source of inspiration. They have also rearranged many of his tracks, Do the Rump on The Big Come Up or Everywhere I Go on Thickfreakness. In 2006, they even dedicated a mini album, Chulahoma, including 6 covers of the guitarist. The album Brothers, released May 18, 2010, has more than a million copies sold. Their eighth album, Turn Blue, was released on May 7, 2014 and their latest album, Let's Rock, was released on June 28, 2019.

Guitarist and singer Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney meet around eight or nine in a district of Akron. Auerbach and Carney both have musical backgrounds. Auerbach is the cousin of guitarist Robert Quine, a "veteran of the New York avant-rock scene. Carney is the nephew of saxophonist Ralph Carney, who has appeared on several Tom Waits albums. During their studies at Firestone High School, they befriended, even if they come from different backgrounds. - Auerbach was captain of the high school football team, and Carney was a recluse. Encouraged by their brothers, the duo began jamming in 1996; Auerbach was learning to play the guitar at the same time, and Carney had a four-track recorder and a battery >>>. After graduating, they briefly go to Akron University before returning >>>.

The band released their first album, The Big Come Up, at the beginning of 2002. The album is a pretty success for an independent rock band. From this album are two singles, Leavin 'Trunk and She Said, She Said. Both songs are covers: Leavin 'Trunk is a traditional blues standard and She Said She Said is a Beatles title. The song I'll Be Your Man is later used as the theme for the Hung series on HBO. Despite the modest sales of The Big Come Up, it attracts public interest and criticism, allowing them to sign with the label Fat Possum Records>.

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