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Black Label Society ( BLS ) is an American heavy metal band from Los Angeles. The band was originally founded in 1998 by Zakk Wylde, and has a total of nine studio albums, two live albums, three compilations, and two EPs.

During the following tour Ozzmosis , entitled The Retirement Suck Tour , Wylde is replaced by Joe Holmes on guitar>. Without an official band since his replacement at Ozzy Osbourne in 1996, he released the album Book of Shadows because he still owes an album to Geffen Records. He surrounds drummer Joe Vitale (formerly Joe Walsh and Crosby, Stills & Nash) and guitarist Nick Catanese of Pittsburgh. For now, this is the only solo album of Wylde. His style is totally different from what he did before with Ozzy Osbourne, mixing folk rock and southern rock, with most of the songs being played on acoustic guitar and piano. Sometimes compared to Neil Young's sound, this album is much quieter and more melodic than the albums Zakk Wylde has ever worked on.

At the beginning of 1998, Ozzy Osbourne re-engaged the formation of the album "No More Tears" , that is Zakk Wylde, Mike Inez and Randy Castillo, for a tour in New Zealand, Australia and Japan. Nevertheless, Ozzy decides to separate once again from his musicians, after the tour. In May, Wylde, drummer Phil Ondich and guitarist Nick Catanese formed Hell's Kitchen. They record Sonic Brew in Florida, which comes out on October 28, 1998, but only in Japan. The album did not come out in the United States at first, the group deciding collectively that the album was to be remixed. It was finally released on May 4, 1999, across North America, with a new pouch. The band needs a bassist, Wylde hires his friend and ex-colleague from James DeServio. The entire group is renamed Black Label Society. Generally well received by the critics, the first album of Black Label Society is in the image of Zakk Wylde, all in rage, in heavy and fat riffs, qualified of "boozy rock" (literally of "rock of poivrot") by a AllMusic website review>.

Black Label Society is often considered a biker's club, especially because of the group's colors worn on leather jackets or jeans, as well as the biker clubs and chapters created by its fans, like the class = "lang-en" lang = "in"> chapters of bikers. Wylde has the idea of ​​patched jackets and chapters by reading a biography of Sonny Barger, the Hells Angels leader. On many occasions, Wylde has to explain that he is by no means a biker, that this is just a way to show his love for Black Label Society. Nevertheless, the group remains highly appreciated by the biker community around the world, operating as a motorcycle club, with its codes and colors. Wylde often plays with this troubled club biker image, particularly in the group's clips, which show him rolling in Harley Davidson. Wylde owns a motorcycle type chopper, in his name, at Harley Davidson, the Bullseye of the same name as his guitar>. After their European tour, an American tour is canceled. At the same time, the band got into trouble with the Johnnie Walker brand because a bottle of their Black Label appeared on the cover of the album Sonic Brew span>. The group decides to bring out the record with another cover, adding a new version of "No More Tears" , which he had already played behind Ozzy Osbourne on the album of the same name>.

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