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Black light burns Black Light Burns is an American industrial metal band from Los Angeles, California. He is trained by Wes Borland, guitarist of Limp Bizkit. After a brief break, the group meets in 2012 and publishes his second album, The Moment You Realize You're Going to Fall in August the same year. The group then publishes a concept album, Lotus Island, in January 2013.

After becoming popular with Limp Bizkit, Wes Borland left the group in 2001>. He was already a member of Big Dumb Face, a project in which he was with his brother Scott, during his time at Limp Bizkit.

After failing in another musical project, The Damning Well, in 2003, Borland began writing new songs with members Danny Lohner and Josh Freese, with contributions from Josh Eustis and John Bates. This is how Black Light Burns is born, which is, at this time, more relaxing in particular. Borland returned to Limp Bizkit in the summer of 2004 as a tour guitarist with A Perfect Circle and Nine Inch Nails.

The first tour of Black Light Burns took place at the end of 2006 with From First to Last>, for which Borland played bass. This tour will see Borland as singer and guitarist for Black Light Burns. Black Light Burns releases its first album, Cruel Melody, in the spring of 2007. In its first week of release, Cruel Melody has 6,000 copies sold in the United States. Borland explains that he is the only consistent member of Black Light Burns, as other studio members are more dedicated to touring the band. Black Light Burns' initial training for the tours includes Wes Borland (vocals, guitar), Marshall Kilpatric (drums, ex-The Esoteric), Nick Annis (guitar, ex-Open Hand, ex-Turn of the Screw), Sean Fetterman (Low, ex-Turn of the Screw). The song Lie is the first single from the album, aired on local radio on March 20th.

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