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Blackfield is a British alternative rock band. He trained in 2001 by Steven Wilson and Aviv Geffen. The band has five studio albums, Blackfield (2004), Blackfield II (2007), Welcome to my DNA (2011), Blackfield IV (2013), and Blackfield V (2017).

Aviv Geffen, a fan of Porcupine Tree and Steven Wilson since the mid-1990s, invited the group to come to Israel to play in 2000. He first met Steven Wilson in London to organize the project. The artistic click is born from this interview and gives birth to the first song of Blackfield (Open Mind). In 2001, Wilson and Geffen meet again in Tel Aviv with the intention of recording an EP. While the release is scheduled for the same year, they finally decide to cancel, continue to write songs and record them to release an album.

For 18 months, peers write and record multiple sessions based on their respective personal projects and schedules.

The self-titled album, Blackfield I, was released in October 2003. Ten titles from the album were first released at Helicon / Universal Records in Israel in February 2004. The result is the huge success of Hello and Pain. The frank success of the album and its warm welcome by the public clearly show Aviv Geffen and Steven Wilson the way to go for the rest: the live performance. That same month of February 2004, they take their first steps on stage together on several prime time in Israel. At the same time, an international release is organized for the same album by Snapper Music UK. He goes out to Europe and the United States in August. The reception is phenomenal of positive reviews. Aviv and Steven are therefore planning two promotional concerts in each of their respective capitals: London and Tel Aviv. A European tour and a short American tour ensued. In March 2005, a 70-minute documentary about Blackfield's tour of Europe was made by Channel 10 in Israel. Steven and Aviv spend the rest of 2005 writing and composing for their personal projects.

In 2006, Steven moved to Tel Aviv for six months to allow Blackfield to consider a second album. As for the first album, most of the songs were composed in collaboration. However, for this second album, some songs originally from the repertoire of Aviv (at the time sung in Hebrew) are selected and translated into English to be incorporated into the album. This time, the opus is recorded in one stroke and not in sporadic sessions as it is the case for the first one. Thrilling or grandiose orchestrations serve sometimes explosive guitars, clean lines of lyrics sublimate the texts, once again focused on love and its disappointments, but also dealing with themes specific to the breaks of childhood, and the hope (despite resignation) in the face of the society we are experiencing.

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