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Blind Guardian is a German power metal band from Krefeld. He was trained in the 1980s as Lucifer's Heritage. They are inspired by Heroic Fantasy and the world of J.R.R. Tolkien. The band is often credited for its influence on power metal and speed metal >>>.

Over the albums, they rely more on clarity, not hesitating to adopt melodies that are inspired by epic music. In this way, they distance themselves from many European formations to form, with Gamma Ray and Helloween, the base of the German power-speed. They draw without distinction from all great sagas, from the Iliad to the Lord of the Rings, to Lancedragon, Nietzsche , religious subjects, and especially the Silmarillion, which inspires the entire album Nightfall in Middle-Earth. The texts are composed by the singer Hansi Kürsch, and the melodies by all the members, alternately or in collaboration.

The group was founded in 1984 in Krefeld, Germany under the name Lucifer's Heritage> by Hansi Kürsch (vocals, bass), Andre Olbrich (guitar), Markus Dörk (guitar) and Thomen Stauch (drums). The group briefly becomes quintet after the arrival of Thomas Kelleners. However, Kelleners left the group a few months later. Lucifer's Heritage first recorded some demos in 1985 and 1986, despite heavy changes in its line-up: Dörk and Stauch were replaced by Christof Theißen and Hans-Peter Frey, respectively. Finally, in 1987, Marcus Siepen joins the group, and Thomen returns; so the line-up will stay the same for 18 years.

Lucifer's Heritage signs a contract with the No Remorse Records label and then changes its name to Blind Guardian to avoid any speculation about a possible involvement of the group in Satanism. The band released their first album Battalions of Fear in 1988, essentially speed metal largely influenced by Helloween>. These two German groups have similarities, and Helloween's founder, Kai Hansen, made a brief appearance in the LP of Blind Guardian, Follow the Blind (1989), in which the group proves its inspiration for thrash metal >>>. Their third LP, "Tales from the Twilight World" (1990), has a melodic sound to the influence of classical music. Blind Guardian signed with Virgin Records in 1991, and released his fourth studio album "Somewhere Far Beyond" in 1992 and the live album Tokyo Tales in 1993. Flemming Rasmussen, the former producer of Metallica, works with the group since 1994 for their fifth album Imaginations from the Other Side marketed in 1995, and The Forgotten Tales in 1996.

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