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Blind witness

Blind Witness is a Canadian deathcore and metalcore band from Granby, Quebec. Formed in 2005, the band plays its very last concert in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on August 12 at the Heavy Montreal 2012 festival. The band will then be re-formed in 2014 to participate in the 2015 Montebello Amnesia Rockfest in Canada.

Blind Witness was formed in early 2005 in Granby, Quebec, by vocalist Jonathan Cabana, guitarist Pier-Luc Desroches and drummer Kevin Desroches. Maxime Lacroix, Miguel Lepage and Eric Morotti will join the group later, on guitar, bass and drums respectively. The group made its stage debut in Montreal. In 2007, the band joined Torque Records, a subsidiary of the Victory Records label. That same year, they split with Means. On January 22, 2008, Blind Witness releases his first studio album, titled Silences are Words.

In March 2009, Blind Witness officially joined the Mediaskare Records label, and announced a concert on June 1 in Hollywood, California. In April 2009, they team up with Saints Never Surrender for his tour>. In June 2009, Blind Witness joined Undercity Recordings Studios in Hollywood, California to record his first album at Mediaskare Records, Nightmare on Providence Street. Mixing and mastering are done by Zack Ohren (All Shall Perish) and the album is planned for the end of September 2009>. In September 2009, they team up with Sea of ​​Treachery and Suffokate for an American tour until November.

While writing their second album, Nightmare on Providence Street, Blind Witness joins the label Mediaskare Records and goes to the studio to record. Nightmare on Providence Street was released in 2010, and earned them positive reviews, such as Absolute Punk, which awarded it an 84 percent rating in an early review that "metalcore is one of the most the most hated genres of metal " but that " Blind Witness can prove the opposite to many metal fans ". " In September 2010, Blind Witness witnessed a tremendous shake-up after four of his members left. At this time, there are Jon Campbell (guitar), Maxime Lacrois (guitar), Miguel Lepage (bass), and Eric Morotti (drums). Jonathan Cabana also stays>. Campbell announces that "the group is not separated. I, Miguel, Max and Eric are gone. The group will continue with a new line-up>. "

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