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Blood Stain Child , styled BLOOD STAIN CHILD , is a Japanese melodic death metal band from Osaka.

The group is initially formed in September 1999 in Osaka under the name Visionquest, name that will change after movements in the formation of the group, with Ryu (guitar, vocals), Ryo (bass, vocals), Aki (keyboards), Violator (drums) and Daiki (guitar) >>>.

During their first year, Ryu composes 30 songs, which will be available in their demo in 2001. They sign with the label M & 1 thanks to a great death metal personality, Captain Wada. Their first album, Silence of Northen Hell, is released in July 2002. The following year, in 2003, comes Mystic Your Heart, which will be the band's second album, and is co-produced by Anssi Kippo, a very popular producer in Finland. .

In March 2005, Daiki left the group and was replaced by Shiromasa in April. It was in August of that year that they released their 3> album Idolator, this time co-produced by Tue Madsen, straight from Denmark. The band goes on a tour of Japan. In 2006, the group signed with Dockyard1, a German label that allows them to release Idolator in Europe on November 27, 2006. It will be released in the United States on July 17, 2007 via Locomotive Records.

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