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Bloodbound is a Swedish traditional heavy metal band from Bollnäs. The group, currently signed to the AFM Records label, has a total of six studio albums, in 2016. The group uses as a mascot a character represented as a vampire demon, this mascot is present on all the album covers of the group.

Bloodbound was formed in 2004 in the city of Bollnäs, Sweden, by Fredrik Bergh, a member of Steet Talk, alongside guitarist Tomas Olsson and drummer Oskar Belin. They are later joined by singer Urban Breed. The following year, in 2005, the band released its first studio album titled Nosferatu with the Metal Heaven label. Well received by the specialized press >>>>>, the album was published in December 2005 in Japan by the label Avalon Marquee, before its European release in February 2006 >>>.

Bloodbound makes its first appearance on April 22, 2006 in a location "secret" , located near Bollnäs, whose maximum capacity was 200 people, and whose performance is filmed for a DVD output>. They then make other stage appearances such as the Gothenburg Metal Festival in April and the AlingsÄs HÄrdrocksfestival 'on May 6th >>>. In August 2006, the singer Urban Breed officially leaves the group>. In September, the group announces the arrival of singer Kristian Andrén>. The band is completed in March 2007 with the arrival of German singer Michael Bormann, former member of groups such as Bonfire and Jaded Heart. The group then announces the upcoming release of their second album, Book of the Dead. The album is published in 2007, and reaches the 66> place of Swedish musical rankings>. Book of the Dead includes two different covers: one for Asia and Brazil, and one for Europe>. The Asian edition contains a bonus song, and the European edition a bonus video. In early 2008, the group's first album, Nosferatu, is announced as a limited edition in black vinyl format.

In February 2009, the group reveals the details of its future third album, Tabula Rasa, announced on Blistering Records in Europe on April 26, and in North America on April 21. Marquee / Avalon will distribute the album on March 25 in Japan>. That same year, the band's original members returned to record their fourth album, Unholy Cross , alongside singer and bassist Patrik "Pata" Johansson and Anders Broman>. Unholy Cross is published on June 14, 2011>.

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