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Blumfeld is a German pop band born in Hamburg. The band comes from the bands Arm (arm), Laut (noisy) and Der schwarze Kanal (the black channel). Carrying the name of the main character of a book by Franz Kafka - Blumfeld, ein älterer Junggeselle (1915) - he is alongside such groups as Kolossale Jugend, Tocotronic and Die Sterne one of the most important representatives of the Hamburger Schule-style pop (the Hamburg school). Blumfeld is also one of the most important representatives of independent rock music in Germany.

However, since January 22, 2007, the group, after 16 years of intensive collaboration has decided to put an end to their common adventure, "the circle has closed" in the words of the group. The news has been announced on the official website.

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