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Blut aus nord

Blut aus Nord is a French avant-garde black metal band from Mondeville, Calvados. Their name, Blut aus Nord, literally means in German "Blood of the North" .

In 1993, Vindsval launched a solo project called Vlad, inspired by Vlad III the Impaler>. After two demos - In the Mist in 1993 and Yggdrasil in 1994 -, Vlad changed his name to Blut aus Nord. As the labels begin to take an interest in his work, Vindsval decides to recruit other musicians. He takes on the role of singer and guitarist while GhÖst takes care of the bass and W.D. Feld of the drums and the keyboard.

The trio released a first studio album, Ultima Thulé, in 1995, on the local independent label Impure Creation Records. Then in 1996, the band released their second studio album titled Memoria Vetusta I: Fathers of the Icy Age , still on the ICR label>. The year 2001 saw the publication of the group's third studio album, The Mystical Beast of Rebellion , on the Debemur Morti and Season of Mist labels> .

The band's most acclaimed project is their fourth studio album, The Work Which Transforms God , which is a concept album released in 2003. is ranked by the magazine Terrorizer in its top 10 albums in 2003> and is well received by all the specialized press >>>. Due to the critical and commercial success of Blut aus Nord, all their albums are reissued in the United States in 2004 and 2005>.

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