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Booker T

He begins his career by teaming up with his brother who calls himself Stevie Ray first in small federations then in the World Championship Wrestling (WCW) from 1993.They form the team lang =" in "> Harlem Heat and won the WCW World Team Championship ten times. He is also known on his own and is WCW World Television Champion six times, once US Heavyweight Champion and four-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion before the closure of this federation in late March 2001. This makes him the last Great Slam Champion of the WCW.

He joins the World Wrestling Federation / World Wrestling Entertainment (WWF then WWE from 2002) during The Invasion and builds on his record of a fifth WCW world heavyweight championship and a WCW world team championship and then WWF World Team Champion with Test. After the Invasion, he won the hardcore championship twice, once the Intercontinental Championship and twice the WWE World Team Championship with Goldust and then Rob Van Dam.

Huffman has seven brothers and sisters, his mother raises them alone. During his adolescence he commits an armed robbery and spends 19 months in prison. He then works in a warehouse.

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