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Boom boom kid

Boom Boom Kid is a group ( one man band ) of Argentine alternative rock, originally from Buenos Aires. He is influenced by rockabilly, psychobilly, hardcore punk and punk rock. It is a solo project> of the musician Carlos Rodríguez>, formerly known as Nekro, and as a member of the group Fun People between 1989 and 2000>. Rodríguez will also be renamed Boom Boom Kid on stage >>>.

The solo project of Carlos Rodríguez begins musically with the last album of the Fun People, Angustia, no, no (2000), more precisely with the single of BBK, Abrazame / I Do>. Subsequently, he published the first album of his project, Okey Dokey (2001), and several EP and B-side singles and rarities, in parallel with his solo career, and launched his own record label called Ugly / LasFeos Records, where he publishes his own recordings>.

He later released the album Smiles from Chapanoland (2004) and a compilation of singles and B faces called The Many, Many Moods of Boom Boom Kid (2005).

The vocal tone of Boom Boom Kid is both grave and guttural, but also difficult to pinpoint precisely>.

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