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Boyce avenue

Boyce Avenue is an American pop rock band from Sarasota, Florida. The group is formed by three brothers; Alejandro (vocals, guitar, piano), Daniel (bass, chorus, percussion) and Fabian Manzano (guitar, choirs).

The group is named Boyce Avenue after a combination of two streets where the brothers lived when they were children. The group was formed in 2004, after returning from Daniel Florida after graduating from Harvard Law School; he joins his brothers Alejandro and Fabian, who were still at the University of Florida.

The group begins to publish his videos on YouTube where he makes successes of the moment in acoustic version (piano, guitar). The videos are watched millions of times, the most popular being the Justin Timberlake cover with Mirrors, which is currently viewed more than 130 million times. These covers are allowed to be published in three EPs via their independent label, 3 Peace Records. As he continues making covers on YouTube, Boyce Avenue records his first album titled "All You're Meant to Be" on March 3, 2008.

In January 2009, the band performs at Stand-Alone in New York. Thanks to the success of their videos on YouTube, they have accumulated a lot of fans and the concert was sold out and is a huge success. With a significant number of fans on the website, the group is now paying attention to the tours. That's when they begin a tour of four concerts headlining in the Philippines. Shortly after that, the group returns to the United States to begin their first tour there, which is also a huge success. After the success of these two visits, the group launched a tour in Europe, including dates in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Belgium and France.

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