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Boysetsfire is an American post-hardcore group from Newark, Delaware. Formed in October 1994, Boysetsfire was composed of guitarists Chad Istvan and Josh Latshaw, bassist Robert Ehrenbrand, drummer Matt Krupanski and singer Nathan Gray.

Boysetsfire released its first demos at the end of 1994, and at the beginning of 1995. In 1996, the band released their first EP, This Crying, This Screaming, My Voice Is Being Born. He then released other albums with Initial Records, Victory Records, Wind-up Records, and Equal Vision Records / Burning Heart Records. The band releases albums and EP in collaboration with Coalesce, Shai Hulud, and Snapcase. In 2003, the group announces the departure of its bassist Rob Avery>.

In 2005, the group signed with the independent label Burning Heart Records for a worldwide distribution and with Equal Vision Records for North America. He released The Misery Index: Notes from the Plague Years in March 2006. On July 31, 2006, the group informs its fans of its separation on its official website>. There was to be a big European tour, but the guitarist Josh Latshaw hurt himself badly. Finally, a last American date and three or four additional European dates were postponed until Josh Latshaw recovered. The band's last performance took place on June 9, 2006 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

On February 12, 2007, singer Nathan Gray announces that he will form a band called Thecastingout>. Although the group includes several former members of Boysetsfire, Gray informs fans that they will not engage more politically.

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