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Breaking Benjamin is an American alternative metal band from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. It was formed in 1998, initially under the name of Plan 9 , by current singer Benjamin Burnley and former drummer Jeremy Hummel. In 2010, the group set aside its activities because of legal and health problems. A best-of compilation is published in 2011. In August 2011, Benjamin, the singer decides to send back the guitarist and the bassist of the group after a dispute on a remix of Blow Me Away . On August 20, 2014, the group announces its return on its Facebook page. In 2014, the band counted seven million copies of their albums sold in the United States alone.

Breaking Benjamin was formed as a Burnley musical project in 1998, with guitarist Aaron Fink, bassist Nick Hoover, and drummer Chris Lightcap. After accidentally breaking a microphone that was loaned to him during a solo performance, his owner will say: "thank you Benjamin for faking my fucking microphone" ( Thanks Benjamin for breaking my fucking mic ), a phrase that will inspire the name of the group >>>. Burnley will then go to California to play his own music, and the other band members will form Lifer. Nick Hoover is eventually replaced by Mark Klepaski in this group. Upon his return to Pennsylvania in 1999, Burnley formed Plan 9 with drummer Jeremy Hummel and bassist Jason Davoli (although Davoli will be replaced by Jonathan "Bug" Price) >>> . In one performance, Burnley claims to be Breaking Benjamin, saying, "thank you, we are Breaking Benjamin" . Dissatisfied with Lifer>, Fink and Klepaski leave the band and join Burnley (Klepaski replacing Price on bass)>.

The quartet becomes popular when Freddie Fabbri, a local radio celebrity, broadcasts their title "Polyamorous" . The song became the number one radio broadcasts>, Fabbri finances the eponymous EP of the group, sold 2 000 copies in 2001>. At the beginning of 2002, more than a dozen labels visit a show in two nights during which Breaking Benjamin plays, and the group will sign with Hollywood Records. Shortly after, Breaking Benjamin launches in the recording of their first album, "Saturate", published on August 7, 2002. This production signed Ulrich Wild> reached the second place of the lang = "en"> Billboard Heatseekers rankings, and the place of Billboard < / span> 200>. At the beginning of 2003, Breaking Benjamin participates in the Jägermeister Music Tour>, then goes on tour with Godsmack>. The album is welcomed in a mixed way, AllMusic explaining that "he has a serious potential to become their best debut album of 2002" .

In October 2003, Breaking Benjamin recorded their second studio album, We Are Not Alone , published on June 29, 2004>. Two weeks before the beginning of the recordings, the band starts a tour in order to "generate a future buzz" >, then a tour with Evanescence, Seether, and Three Days Grace>. Produced by David Bendeth>, the album sells for 48,000 copies its first week> and reaches the 20> place of the Billboard 200. The singles success stories include lang = "en"> So Cold and Sooner or Later , which reach both second place in Mainstream Rock (2004) and Sooner gold Later in 2005)>. On October 21, 2004, We Are Not Alone is certified gold, then platinum on June 13, 2005>. He also became popular in New Zealand, where he finished in the top 14> of the most popular albums in 2005 and certified gold in the country >>>. The group's Live EP includes four pieces of Saturate played and recorded live at Mississippi Nights>.

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