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Brocas Helm is an American heavy metal band from San Francisco, California. Formed in 1982, the group announces its separation during its last concert at the festival Keep It True XIV on April 30, 2011>.

Brocas Helm was formed in 1982 by Bobbie Wright, James Schumacher, Jack Hays and John Gray. In 1983, the group released its first demo. In 1984, it was distributed by First Strike in the United States and Steamhammer in Europe. The same year, they released their first album, Into Battle . After several discrepancies (for example on the cover of Into Battle which was realized without consent of the group), Brocas Helm puts an end to his contracts.

After a long fruitful search, Brocas Helm decided to found his own record label. After five years of hard work in the studio, they make the demo album with Black Tom with Tom Behney on guitar. Brocas Helm still can not find a suitable label for the period in which the album Ghost Story is finished in 1994. They will publish < span class = "lang-en" lang = "in"> Time of the Dark (1997) and the singles Blood Machine and Skullfucker independently.

In 2003, Brocas Helm joined the label Eat Metal Records, which will release the live album in "> Black Death in Athens in 2004, and two more reissued albums. Also in 2004, the band recorded the album Defender of the Crown . In 2007, the group celebrated its 25th anniversary on October 1st at Club 443, formerly Mabuhay Gardens. Their songs Cry of the Banshee and Drink the Blood of the Priest are included in the video game Brütal Legend, published in 2009>. The group will participate in the Keep It True XIV festival on April 29, 2011>, to which it announces its separation>. In 2012, they participate in Ragnarökkr Metal Apocalypse>. In 2015, they will participate in the festival Defenders of the Old III in New York with Exciter>.

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