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Broder Daniel , often abbreviated as BD , is a Swedish alternative pop and rock band from Gothenburg. Their musical style is an effective mix of britpop, sometimes turning punk, and sounds more 'garage', more American. Some of their songs appear in the soundtrack of the film Fucking Åmål.

The reprise of Shoreline by Anna Ternheim (double gold album in Sweden in 2006) contributes to make them, a little, know in France. But their success remained confined to their country of origin. On March 30, 2008, Anders Göthber, guitarist of the band, commits suicide. As a result of this event, the group decided to give a last concert (at the Way Out West Festival 2008) before ending its existence. Broder Daniel is very popular in Sweden>.

During his period at Gothenburg's Göteborgs Högre Samskola, Henrik Berggren looked for a way to express himself, and chose the easy way out by forming a pop band. During the first existences of existence, the group makes changes of formation, and decides to be called Broder Daniel. Two new members join the group and begin to define their sound. They decide from the beginning to focus on the emotional side of their music without worrying about having a "correct sound" . The accent of the singer Henrik Berggren will be worth to them a few jokes in England for example (which holds of the anecdote for the other countries).

The label Jimmy Fun Music, directed by Per Gessle des Roxette, chooses to sign them, before the band signs at EMI Music Sweden. In 1995, the group released their first album, Saturday Night Engine, which is characterized by simple songs without respect for musical compliance. They then begin to gain popularity in Sweden. After the release of a second album, the namesake Broder Daniel, the group left EMI in 1997 and is left without label. Although his albums have sold very little, the band still plays in clubs and festivals. A year later, they sign on the label Dolores Recordings and publish their best album, Broder Daniel Forever. This new album includes darker themes such as death, and is inspired by Psychocandy, the first album of rockers The Jesus and Mary Chain. The popularity of Forever is such that the group reaches sales highs, thanks in particular to the inclusion of the title track of Broder Daniel in the soundtrack of the film Fucking Åmål>.

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