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Brujeria is a group of extreme Mexican-American metal>, from Los Angeles, California >>>>>. It first arises as a terrorist group having kidnapped the bosses of the team Roadrunner Records, to be able to register. This gag having been denied, the group appears as a parallel project that is characterized by the themes of Satanism, terrorism, sex, rebellion, and politics.

The group forges a reputation for psychopaths by playing on stage with hooded titles called marijuana or brujerizmo (from the word "brujeria" which means " witchcraft ">). Brujeria is Mexican hence the name and lyrics in Spanish. Dino Cazares (ex-Fear Factory) was the guitarist. The musicians of Brujeria play hooded and try their entire career to keep their identity secret. We now know that ex-Fear Factory's Dino Cazares, Fear Factory's Asesino, Raymond Herrera and Billy Gould, ex-Faith No More, have worked on guitar, drums and bass. On the first album, lang = "es"> Raza Odiada , participate Igor and Max Cavelera. At Hellfest 2007, there was Shane Embury (Napalm Death) on guitar, and Jeff Walker (Carcass) on bass.

Brujeria was formed at a party in 1989, in Los Angeles, California >>>>>>>, in the spirit of a grindcore and death metal band representing the Latino and Chicano community. Its members, guitarist Dino Cazares, Jello Biafra, drummer Pat Hoed, bassist Billy Gould and singer Juan Brujo, use pseudonyms.

Their first single, ¡Demoniaco! , was published in 1990. In 1992, Machetazos is published and marks the first change of formation of the group. Jello Biafra leaves the group, then Pinche Peach> is recruited as second singer, and Raymond Herrera takes the role of drummer; Pat Hoed, the former drummer of the band becomes the second guitarist. Machetazos and "El Patron are produced and distributed by the Biafra, Alternative Tentacles. The group is controversial because of the lyrics about drugs, sex and Satanism. These subjects, although taken up by other death metal bands, are inspired by the misdeeds of Adolfo Constanzo, a serial killer and Cubano-American dealer.

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