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Burning heads

Burning Heads is a French melodic punk skate band from Orleans. He is strongly influenced by the Californian melodic hardcore (Dag Nasty) and some signatures of Epitaph Records (especially Bad Religion).

The group was formed in 1987 in Orleans>, and consists of Thomas (eg Komintern Sect) on drums, Phil on guitar, Jal on bass and Doud au chant, replaced at the turn of the decade by Pierre ( also officiating in DDT) on guitar and vocals.

Their first tour with the Thompson Rollets (Perigueux group) which goes through Italy and Spain is one of the founding acts of the group.

After several singles (including Hey You on the Angevin Black & Black label), they signed their first album with Semetery, a subsidiary of Fnac Music. Recorded in January 1992 by Donnell Cameron (American sound engineer, having worked with Bad Religion, Rancid, Blink 182, etc.) it contains a cover of XTC's Making Plans for Nigel.

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