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Daniel Rosenfeld , known as C418 , born May 9, 1989>, is a German composer and musician, mainly known for having made all the music of atmospheres and effects sound of the video game Minecraft.

Daniel Rosenfeld, son of a Russian goldsmith and a German mother, was born and raised in East Germany after reunification. He learned to compose music on older versions of Schism Tracker and Ableton Live in the early 2000s, both of which were rudimentary tools at the time. It is his brother who introduces him to musical composition and makes him discover Ableton Live.

Learning to cope with limited resources has made it easier for Daniel Rosenfeld to work with the original versions of the Minecraft sound engine. The lack of power of the engine made him want the German musician to be creative in creating the sound effects and music of the game.

Being a self-employed person, Daniel Rosenfeld was not an employee of Mojang, the company behind Minecraft. However, he has the rights to all the music of the game.

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