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Cadacross is a Finnish power death metal band from Hämeenlinna. Formed in 1997, the band has two studio albums - So Pale Is the Light (2001) and Corona Borealis (2002) - before separating in 2006.

Cadacross was formed in 1997, and initially included guitarist Georg Laakso, drummer Janne Salo, bassist Jarkko Lemmetty and guitarist Tommi Saari. That same year, the band recorded a demo, titled Power of the Night, followed the following year, in 1998, with a second demo, Bloody War. The members, dissatisfied with these recordings, perform a remake of the band and review their musical style. In 1999, Georg Laasko joins Turisas; the latter returns to the group the same year when Cadacross opts for a more melodic metal approach after recruiting keyboardist Mathias Nygård>. With this training, the band recorded several songs for a first studio album.

In 2000, the group recruits the Svartmoor singer, Sami Aarnio>. The guitarist Tommi Saari leaves shortly after the band, and is replaced by Tino Aloha de Turisas. But Nygård also leaves the group, and is replaced by Olli Laitola on keyboards. Cadacross signed to the Low Frequency Records label in January 2001, and released the same year, his first studio album, So Pale Is the Light. The album includes seven songs, is favorably received by the specialized press >>>.

In June 2001, drummer Janne Salo left the group, and was replaced by Kimmo Miettinen (a.k.a. Mor Vethor) of Arthemesia, Ensiferum, and Dark Reflection. Laitala by ensuire and is replaced by Antti Ventola on keyboards. Cadacross records and publishes his second album, The Northern Crown , in 2002 at Low Frequency Records>. They then recruit second singer Jukka Salo and bassist Jukka-Pekka Miettinen (a.k.a. Mor Voryon). The band joined Steeltrack Studios in Hämeenlinna in May 2004 to prepare their third album.

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