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Café Tacuba , stylized Café Tacvba , is a Mexican alternative rock band from Ciudad Satélite, in the state of Mexico. The group, whose music can not be easily categorized in a particular genre due to the versatility of its rhythms, began its professional career in 1989, although they already existed before. They win a Grammy Award and a Latin Grammy Award. The original name, Café Tacuba is changed to Café Tacvba, with a "v" to avoid legal conflicts with a restaurant of the same name located in the center of Mexico City .

Los Tacubos, the band's popular name, handles a wide variety of styles, making it one of the most innovative groups in their country, having touched hip-hop, ska, rock, metal and other genres. This allows them to record ten discs with different rhythms, voices, instruments, and themes. The greatest peculiarity of their sound is probably the nasal voice of Albarrán, combined with its great lung capacity. Despite singing in Spanish, they have a significant amount of English-speaking followers. Their music has been influenced largely by the folk music of Mexico's indigenous population, but also by other Mexican and American groups. The themes are very different, for example Jaime López's Chilanga Banda, which talks about a night of party with friends, uses the jargon of the Mexican capital, and contains rap rhythms; The end of infancy uses wind instruments and a characteristic rhythm of the North-East of the country; Revés contains an ounce of electronics and Bar Tacuba him, a degree of depth in lyrics and music so strong that it recalls bands like El Tri and Soda Stereo.

The group has produced projects in collaboration with artists such as Plastilina Mosh, Kronos Quartet, David Byrne, Celso Piña, Inspector, Maldita Vecindad, Maria Barracuda, El Gran Silencio and Ofelia Medina. They alternated with Incubus, Beck, Enanitos Verdes, Gustavo Cerati and Los Tres. The band also helped design the LittleBigPlanet's PlayStation 3 soundtrack for Volver a comenzar.

Formerly known as Alicia ya no vive aquí (a homage to Martin Scorsese's Alice Does not Live Here Anymore), the band adopts its name Café Tacuba definitively, in the Café of the same name, located in the center of Mexico City. The cafe, which opened in 1912 and will peak in the 1940s and 1950s, is now the scene Pachuco, which will inspire the group. The Tacuba Café is still currently operating in the historic center of Mexico City. The group changes its name to Cafe Tacvba with a "v" to avoid legal conflicts with the restaurant >>>.

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