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Calabrese is a group of horror punk and American death rock, originally from Phoenix, Arizona. He trained in 2003, and has a total of six albums and one EP. The training consists of Bobby Calabrese, Jimmy Calabrese, and Davey Calabrese.

The three brothers Bobby, Jimmy and Davey Calabrese grew up in the rural town of Antioch, Illinois, into a large family of Italian origin. Jimmy Calabrese, the trio's eldest, will be fascinated by horror movies and fictional monsters thanks to a friend. Jimmy and Bobby will play bass will be active separately in various local bands. In 2002, after completing a film project for Columbia College, Jimmy decided it was time for the two brothers to form a group. Bobby goes on the electric guitar, and they recruit Davey Calabrese, their younger brother, on drums.

In 2003, the band self-produced an EP, Midnight Spookshow. EP is well received in the underground scene. Tony O'Farell, the artist located in Michigan, is recruited for the cover. Aaron Carey (pipelineaudio) will record EP Midnight Spookshow at Studio Z in Phoenix, AZ. The EP is mastered by Andrew Davenport at Edgeworth Studios, New Zealand.

Their first studio album, 13 Halloweens, is released in 2005 and is characterized by a punk rock sound. Canadian artist Andrew Barr is recruited for the cover of the album. A clip of the song Backseat of my Hearse is directed by J. D. Smith. Later, the group is contacted by several independent labels, such as Antidote Records. The band declines these offers and finally decides to self-publish the album in their own label, Spookshow Records.

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