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Candlemass is a Swedish doom metal band from Stockholm. Formed in 1984 by Leif Edling, leader and composer of the group. Since its formation, the group has been experiencing several periods of inactivity, and its training has changed several times.

In 1982, Leif Edling formed the Nemesis group with Anders Wallin, Christian Weberyd and Anders Waltersson. This group released an EP, The Day of Retribution , as well as two demos>. In 1984, the group was dissolved, and Leif Edling formed Candlemass in parallel. In English >> considered a classic of the genre. Candlemass is then produced by the French label Black Dragon> and its composition is as follows: Leif Edling on bass, Mats "Mappe" Björkman on guitar, Matz Ekstrom on drums , and Johan Längqvist singing. This album, influenced by some Black Sabbath titles such as . The first title of this album, Solitude , is the subject of a reprise by the groups Anorexia Nervosa (in a limited edition of the album New Obscurantis Order ) and Desire >>>. This title is distinct from the title of the same name on Black Sabbath's Master of Reality album.

Candlemass signs with the British label Active Records for his next album, Nightfall , which is published in 1987. Johan Längqvist is replaced by Bror Jan Alfredo Marcolin (aka "Messiah" Marcolin>), Jan Lindh takes the place of Matz Ekstrom on drums and Lars Johansson becomes part of the group as lead guitarist . This album is a new success, thanks to "Messiah" Marcolin: he has an unusual voice in the world of metal> and dresses as a monk on stage> ("Messiah" means "messiah" in English). A video clip is created for the title Bewitched (in English " bewitched ", past-participle of" to bewitch ", means" bewitched "or, figuratively," charmed "), that is in this clip that we can see a Dead appearance of the black metal band Mayhem. The lyrics, in this album, are less characteristic of the doom metal and more influenced by a religious atmosphere (and this for a musical purpose more than by proselytism). The formation of the band for this album is one of the most widely appreciated. The group then released the albums Ancient Dreams in 1988 and Tales of Creation .

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