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Cannibal Corpse is a group of brutal American death metal. Founded in 1988 and originally composed of Chris Barnes, Bob Rusay, Jack Owen, Alex Webster and Paul Mazurkiewicz, the band is considered, along with a few others, to be a pioneering group in brutal death metal. The group begins with Eaten Back To Life in 1990, then come Butchered at Birth (1991) and Tomb of the Mutilated (1992), which will sell in one million copies worldwide> of which 558,929 in the United States. US>. Cannibal Corpse members were originally inspired by thrash metal bands like Slayer and Kreator, and other death metal bands such as Morbid Angel, Autopsy and Death>.

Cannibal Corpse was founded in 1988 by members of the death metal universe; Beyond Death (Webster, Owen), Leviathan (Barnes), and Tirant Sin (Barnes, Rusay, Mazurkiewicz). The group made its first night at River Rock Cafe in March 1989, shortly after recording their demo audio tape, Cannibal Corpse. The group subsequently signed with Metal Blade Records> and released their album, Eaten Back to Life , in August 1990. Their second album, Butchered At Birth, released in 1991 and their third, Tomb Of The Mutilated, in 1992, the latter will be a great success thanks to the title Hammer Smashed Face. In 1993 the group publishes the EP Hammer Smashed Face. In 1994, the group made an appearance in the movie Ace Ventura, detective for dogs and cats, performing its famous Hammer Smashed Face tube.

Over the years, the group is constantly changing its line-up. In 1993, founding member and guitarist Bob Rusay was dismissed from the group (after he became a golf instructor) and finally replaced by Malevolent Creation guitarist Rob Barrett. In 1995, during the recording of their new album, Vile, singer Chris Barnes left the band and was replaced by the singer of Monstrosity George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher. Barnes participated in the group Six Feet Under, then in Torture Killer (en) . In 1997, Barrett, originally replacing Rusay on guitar, left Cannibal Corpse to join his former bands Malevolent Creation and Solstice. Following Barrett's departure, he was replaced by guitarist Pat O'Brien, who appeared for the first time in the Cannibal Corpse album in 1998, Gallery of Suicide. Founder and guitarist Jack Owen leaves Cannibal Corpse in 2004 to spend more time with his second band, Adrift. He joins Deicide at the end of 2005. Jeremy Turner of the Origin band temporarily replaces him as second guitarist during the 2004 Wretched Spawn tour. Barrett joined the group in 2005 and for the first time presented on the album Kill, released in March 2006.

The writing of their next album is announced in November 2007 by bassist Alex Webster in an interview. Evisceration Plague, the eleventh studio album of Cannibal Corpse, released February 3, 2009, is very well received by fans. They also released a live DVD in 2011 titled Global Evisceration. Cannibal Corpse completes the recording of their new album titled Torture, released March 13, 2012>. It is in 2014 that appears A Skeletal Domain .

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