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Captain Beyond is a Los Angeles hard rock band formed in 1972 by the ex-singer of Deep Purple, Rod Evans>.

The guitarist is Larry Reinhardt better known as "Rhino", who played with Iron Butterfly before with the bassist who comes from the same band, Lee Dorman. With Bobby Caldwell on drums, former Noah's Ark and Johnny Winter Band. Then Marty Rodriguez replaces him on drums because Caldwell will play with Derringer. Later, Reese Wynans joins them on the piano, playing with Boz Scaggs and Pandemonium. Guille Garcia, percussionist also joins them at the same time as Reese Wynans. For their third album it's Willie Daffern who is the singer. The group undergoes many changes of members, the members leave and return in the group.

The group is mainly rock music in British style. The electric guitar and the voice are in the foreground and the refrains are really catchy. It has more rock songs and also quieter, like every good rock band. Captain Beyond is probably the first group to use the cry "uh!" On the song "I can not feel nothing (part 2)", later taken over by many metal bands including Celtic Frost.

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