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Carcass is a British extreme metal band from Liverpool, England. Formed in 1985 by Ken Owen and Bill Steer, the band has grown over time by several subgenera of extreme metal, starting on a style close to Repulsion that will earn them the status of pioneers of goregrind, passing through death metal, melodic death metal (of which they are also the pioneers) and the "death and roll" .

The band started in 1985 with Ken Owen on drums and Bill Steer on guitar. First named Disattack, the band will remain virtually inactive during its first two years, despite the influence of Master, Napalm Death and (especially) Repulsion, Disattack can not find a stable musical style, and the group repeats too rarely After recording the demo A Bomb Drops ... in 1986 with a certain Paul on bass and Andrew Pek on vocals, they leave the group. In 1987, bassist Jeff Walker joined the group (now known as Carcass) after being expelled from the Electro Hippies group, followed by Sanjiv as singer. The latter leaves the band after recording the demo Flesh Ripping Sonic Torment , released on April 4, 1987. It is now Jeff Walker's duet and Bill Steer, who has the vocals and vocals, Jeff's vocals are strangled, while Bill's is a rather peculiar guttural, like vomiting at times, giving a putrid aspect. to their music.

In 1989, the band decided to record their second album, but with the will to do a more professional work than on the previous album. For fear of making a bad production, Carcass turned to the engineer Colin Richardson, not wanting to reproduce the error made on the previous album. In order to focus even more on Carcass, Bill definitely leaves Napalm Death. The album was released on November 1, 1989, under the name Symphonies of Sickness . Despite a positive reception and a correct production, the album divides fans of extreme metal just like Reek of Putrefaction , due to its macabre atmosphere and his outrageous words are even more advanced than the latter, causing many of them to flee, describing the band's music as unsustainable and disgusting. Indeed, Symphonies of Sickness pushes the limits of violence both musically and at the level of its theme, whose pathological lyrics remain very raw, even shocking. Carcass gained notoriety, as did Bolt Thrower (who released Realm of Chaos (Slavs to Darkness) ) and Napalm Death, later becoming one of the most important groups of the extreme English scene.

Michael Amott decides to join the group in England as second guitarist, following the listening of their last album. He will then split his band Carnage. Carcass finds his sound engineer Colin Richardson at Slaughterhouse Studios at the beginning of 1991 for the recording of his third album, Necroticism: Descanting the Insalubrious . Released on October 1, 1991, Necroticism marks several changes in the music of Carcass, Jeff now ensures the vast majority of singing and the band forsakes its style grindcore "dirty" for a less aggressive death metal. Carcass delivers an album more neat, technical and complex than the previous ones. Necroticism receives a very good critical welcome, and avoids new controversies. It is still considered> as a classic of the genre>.

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