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Cardiacs is a British rock band from Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, England. It was formed in 1977. Their musical style combines a wide range of musical genres and has often been called "pronk", contraction of progressive and punk, although the singer Tim Smith prefers simply the term psychedelic or pop. Their music is supported by singing singing and Smith's poetic and cryptic lyrics >>>>>>>.

According to Organ magazine, "a single song of Cardiacs can contain sufficient ideas for the entire career of most other groups">.

The brothers Jim and Tim Smith grew up in Chessington, Surrey, and formed their first group in the next neighborhood of Kingston upon Thames, Greater London. In 1975, Tim, still a teenager, plays the guitar in a "punky-psychedelic" nameless group with two school friends - Mark Cawth (on drums) and David Philpot (on the keyboard).

The group eventually became Cardiacs in 1977. Initial training includes Michael Pugh on vocals, Tim Smith on guitar and chorus, and Peter Tagg on drums. The training is completed by Jim Smith, who joins the bass and choirs. The Smith, Tagg and Pugh brothers performed their first concert in 1978 at the Kaleidoscope in Kingston upon Thames, under the name The Filth (sometimes incorrectly called Philip Pilf and the Filth). At the time of their second concert (also organized at Kaleidecope the same year), the group becomes Cardiac Arrest. Cardiac Arrest produced a seven-track demo at Elephant Studios in London and became a sextet after recruiting Colvin Mayers (keyboards) and Ralph Cade (whose contribution is mainly theatrical on stage with a saxophone and dance steps). The group plays in pubs, youth hostels, schools, hotels and free festivals.

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