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Catupecu Machu is an Argentinean rock band from Villa Luro, Buenos Aires. Formed in 1994 by brothers Fernando and Gabriel Ruiz Díaz, it currently consists of Fernando Ruiz Díaz in voice, guitars and bass, Agustín Rocino on drums, Martín "Macabre" González on keyboards, bass and choruses and Sebastián Cáceres on bass and guitars.

Their musical style is rock, pop and sound innovation >>>.

The group was formed in the neighborhood of Villa Luro, in Buenos Aires, in April 1994. Regarding the meaning of the name of the group, Fernando Ruiz Díaz imagined it several years before its existence, referring to an imaginary animal> >>.

The group's first drummer, Javier Herrlein, accompanies the Ruiz Díaz brothers when the group was still nameless. Shortly after, Marcelo Baraj is added to the drums and his sister, Mariana Baraj, joins the drums. In this way, the group consists of brothers Ruiz Díaz and brothers and sisters Baraj. Herrlein, however, continues to occasionally participate in some rehearsals and performances, playing the accordion. April Sosa, only 14 years old at the time, replaced Marcelo Baraj in December 1995. The Ruiz Díaz brothers had known her since she was 12 years old. Because of their young age, they must convince their mother to allow them to make a summer tour on the Atlantic coast of Argentina.

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