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Cavalera Conspiracy is an American heavy metal band from Phoenix, Arizona. He is trained by the Brazilian brothers Cavalera: Max on vocals and guitar, and Igor Cavalera on drums. The band is completed by guitarist Marc Rizzo and bassist Johny Chow. Cavalera Conspiracy is formed in 2007 as Inflikted, a name that must be changed as a result of legal disputes. The group's creation marks the end of a 10-year quarrel between the two Cavalera brothers, who had already founded Sepultura in the early 1980s.

Max forms Soulfly after leaving Sepultura. His brother Igor records four more studio albums with Sepultura before leaving the band in January 2006. A few months later, Max offers his brother to perform a Soulfly concert. Igor joins Soulfly in concert and plays two songs of Sepultura. After the concert, Max and Igor decide to start a new project. To complete the group, Max recruits Marc Rizzo on guitar solo and Joe Duplantier, singer of Gojira, on bass guitar. The band recorded its first album, Inflikted, with the help of co-producer Logan Mader (formerly Machine Head) in July 2007. The album is named after the band's original name.

On August 16, 1996, Max Cavalera's son-in-law, Dana Wells, died in a car accident at the age of 21 in Phoenix, Arizona. At the time, Max Cavalera was still the singer of Sepultura and he was on a promotional tour of his sixth studio album, Roots , in England in support of from Ozzy Osbourne. After hearing the news, Ozzy and his wife Sharon Osbourne rent a private plane to take Cavalera and his wife and manager, Gloria, so they can return to the United States. After the funeral, Max finds Sepultura, having already resumed his European tour. After a sold-out concert at Brixton Academy, December 16th comes out "Under a Pale Gray Sky" . Drummer Igor Cavalera, guitarist Andreas Kisser and bassist Paulo Jr. put an end to Gloria's contract and hire a new director for Sepultura. The reason given when the contract broke down was that Gloria paid more attention to Max than to the group itself. The trio still hinted that Gloria could continue as Max's personal manager, but that someone else could take care of the band. Gloria refuses and Max feels betrayed by his comrades, especially by his brother.

Max decides to leave Sepultura, as he mentions in an interview with Revolver; Max explains that Gloria worked for Sepultura free for 2 years to support artists she believed in. Disagree with the other members of Sepultura, Max says, "If we start like this, I'm leaving." I resigned, I can not wear a mask and stab in the back a lot of people who trust me . " Later, Max will specify that this was the worst decision he made in his life.

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