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Celtic frost

Celtic Frost is a Swiss avant-garde extreme metal band from Zurich. The group, formed in 1984 on the ashes of the band Hellhammer, is known for its influence on extreme metal genres. The group is particularly active between 1984 and 1993, and reformed in 2001. Following the departure of Tom Gabriel Fischer in 2008, Celtic Frost separates. Members were inspired by heavy metal bands such as Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Venom, but also Gothic rock such as Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees and Christian Death, and the hardcore punk band Discharge.

Group leader Thomas Gabriel Fischer, of Swiss origin, changed his name to Tom Warrior early in his career. With Bruce Day and Steve Warrior, he formed Hellhammer in 1982. The popularity of Hellhammer grew with a local audience and the band signed with Noise Records in Germany.

In 1984, Hellhammer metamorphoses into a more gothic and classic band, Celtic Frost. Their first album, Morbid Tales (1984), was successful on the European metal scene and the band made their first tour in Germany and Austria. Their second album (in 1985), To Mega Therion , is as successful as their first. The illustration of the front cover of "To Mega Therion" is a work by HR Giger entitled Satan I and dated 1977. In 1987, Celtic Frost released one of the most influential heavy metal albums in Europe with Into the Pandemonium , incorporating a new, more classical, death metal sound.

During an American tour, the group dissolves as a result of financial problems and tension between members of the group. Six months later, Tom Warrior decides to recreate the group with Stephen Priestly, Oliver Amberg and Curt Victor Bryant.

In spite of his will, Warrior does not pay much attention to the album and the producer Tony Platt and Amberg take care of the recording of "in"> Cold Lake . They turn the death metal sound into rock thrash / glam and the album is a total failure. Warrior puts Amberg at the door and convinces Ron Marks to join the band for the release of Vanity / Nemesis in 1990. The album is a big one success but the group's reputation is not fully restored. Many of the texts talk about religion in an ambiguous way. Brought in by Tom Warrior, Marks leaves the band again, but is soon replaced by Martin Eric Ain. The last album of Celtic Frost is the box Parched With thirst am I and Dying released in 1992.

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