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Charles de Goal is a French punk rock band. He is trained by Patrick Blain. For several years, Charles of Goal, who will not give concerts before 1985, maintains the anonymity: nobody knows who is hidden behind the singer and rumors are going well.

Patrick Blain initially launches Charles de Goal as a pseudonym for his performances. The first album of Charles de Goal, entitled Algorythmes, is published in 1980 at the French label New Rose>. It will mark an entire generation, not just in France. A second album, entitled Ici l'ombre, is published in 1982, still at New Rose. After these two albums, swinging between punk and cold wave, minimalist, dark and nervous, Charles de Goal dyes his pop music, and even picks up some hits with TV and radio. A last album appeared in 1986, titled Double face, followed by a compilation in 1989, called Commemoration. New titles recorded until 1992 will only be released in 2005, as a bonus on the new Algorythmes CD reissue.

After the separation of Charles from Goal in 1986, Blain continues in the music especially in the early 2000s with a local punk band called Monkey Test, in which he meets Jean-Philippe Brouant and Etienne Lebourg.

In 2006, the group is restructuring. They are the two musicians of Monkey Test (Brouant and Lebourg) who play within Charles of Goal, to which is added the guitarist / keyboard AE (End of Data, Raendom) who accompany Patrick Blain for a unique concert of Charles of Goal , at the Golden Arrow on March 9th. But the success is such that Charles de Goal takes over, and then goes on many concerts in Europe. New songs come out, and the band releases a new album Restructuration in 2008 on its own label, Self Control>. Regarding the creation of their label, Blain explains that "given the current state of the disc market, we told ourselves that rather than abandoning almost the entire sales price of the disc to a label or a distributor who finally might not sell more than ourselves, it was wiser to try the adventure on our own>. "

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