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Francisco Buarque de Hollanda , better known by the diminutive Chico Buarque , born June 19, 1944 in Rio de Janeiro is a singer, composer, playwright and Brazilian writer.

Along with Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil, he is one of the artists who brought in the late 1960s a major revival in Brazilian music. They are among the initiators of the genre called Música Popular Brasileira (MPB), resulting from the fusion of styles that surround them like bossa nova, samba, jazz or rock 'n' roll while being the support of an expression protest against the power held by the military.

Francisco Buarque de Hollanda, known as "Chico Buarque", is the son of historian and sociologist Sérgio Buarque of Holanda, who is visited by many artists and intellectuals of the moment. His mother is an amateur pianist. Chico Buarque grows up in this cultural and artistic atmosphere and imbues it. His father having been appointed to the University of Rome, the family lives in Italy from 1953 to 1954. It is in Italy that Chico Buarque meets for the first time the diplomat, poet and lyricist Vinícius de Moraes with whom he will collaborate to many times later.

Back in Brazil, Chico Buarque continued his studies and began to write poems. In 1963, he entered the Faculty of Architecture of the University of São Paulo to study architecture and urbanism. He will give up his studies in fifth grade, preferring to pursue his musical career.

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