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Children of Bodom ( COB ) is a Finnish extreme metal band mixing elements of power metal, symphonic metal and melodic death metal and an aggressive voice from death metal / black metal . The five members of the group come from Espoo>, a Finnish city near Helsinki. The band has been called since 1997, before which it was called Inearthed. The mascot of the group is affectionately called Roy and represents the folk image of death, the mower. She is present on all album covers.

Since 2016, Children of Bodom consists of Alexi Laiho on vocals and lead guitar, Daniel Freyberg ( en) on rhythm guitar, Janne Wirman on keyboards, Henkka Seppälä on bass, and Jaska Raatikainen on drums.

Children of Bodom was originally founded in 1993 by guitarist Alexi Laiho and drummer Jaska Raatikainen as Inearthed. The only other band member was bassist Samuli Miettinen, who was also the lead author of the lyrics. Samuli had to leave the group in 1995, he was replaced by the young Henkka "Blacksmith" Seppälä. But it was Alexi Laiho, already a composer of music, who took over for the writing of the lyrics. After recording his second demo, the band recruited rhythm guitarist Alexander Kuoppala and keyboardist Jani Pirisjoki. He is quickly replaced by Janne Wirman.

With this new line-up, Inearthed records his third demo, entitled Shining . This demo does not get as much success as the previous ones for record labels, and no interest is shown for the group>. In spite of their efforts, the members of the group do not manage to pierce and play only in small local evenings. As a last attempt, the band decides to publish an independent album. Laiho wanted to use a keyboard, but Pirisjoki did not succeed in rehearsals. He is then fired and replaced by a friend of Raatikainen, a jazz pianist named Janne "Warman" Wirman>. Wirman is the missing element of Inearthed. His presence allows the group to assume the style that will later characterize Children of Bodom. With Wirman, the group successfully recorded their album in 1997. Their first album, Something Wild, was originally intended to be distributed by the Belgian label Shiver Records, but the second singer Sami Tenetz (of Thy Serpent) acquired a copy of their album given by his friend Kuoppala. The group had to find a new name to sign at Spinefarm Records. The group had already signed to the label under the name of Inearthed. However, members are trying to find a more classy name. They are inspired by the name of Lac Bodom, and then manage to found their group under the name of Children of Bodom. The name of the group derives from the criminal case of the Bodom Lake murders.

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