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Chrome Division is a Norwegian heavy metal band from Oslo. The band was formed in 2004 by Shagrath (then a member of Dimmu Borgir, Ov Hell, ex-Old Funeral, ex-Fimbulwinter, and ex-Ragnarok) on rhythm guitar, Eddie Guz on vocals, Ricky Black on guitar, Björn Luna on bass and Tony White on drums. The group is inspired by the heavy metal band Motörhead, and the covers of the three albums of the group are reminiscent of the cover of the album Bastards. In the band's history, founding singer Eddie Guz and drummer Lex Icon left the band and were replaced by Shady Blue on vocals and Tony White on drums respectively.

The idea of ​​forming a group comes from Shagrath and Stian Arnesen, former members of Dimmu Borgir, in 1999>. The group consists of two members oriented in the jamming. With Shagrath on guitar and Arnesen (or Lex Icon) on drums, they record some songs, but can not go further because they are busy with their parallel projects. Shagrath will explain later that Dimmu Borgir was always a priority.

It is from 2004 that the group is consolidated>. Shagrath and Lex Icon are seeing each other again; during this period, Lex Icon left Dimmu Borgir and founded The Kovenant. Shagrath could devote himself to something else during Dimmu Borgir's musical break after Ozzfest. Shagrath gets in touch with bassist Björn Luna (of Ashes to Ashes) and invites him to join them. The trio forms what will become Chrome Project>. Luna then contacts Eddie Guz (of The Carburetors) who joins them as singer, Jarle Bernhoft of Span having declined their invitation. Ricky Black, often in contact with a blues band, is the last to join them, taking on the role of guitarist. Shortly after, Lex Icon is replaced by Tony White of Minis Tirith>, because it missed the repetitions, which slowed the group>. Shagrath has never seen Chrome Division as a parallel project, contrary to the press reports. Björn Luna sees Chrome Division as a "own group" rather than a parallel project>.

This formation enters the Panzer Studio in Oslo to record his first album, Doomsday Rock 'n Roll , December 4, 2005>. The album is produced by Björn Bergesen>. Chrome Division Announces Nuclear Blast Signature on February 1, 2006>. Nuclear Blast is the group that publishes Doomsday Rock N 'Roll on August 8, 2006 in North America >>>, and reaches the 31 > Place Norwegian music rankings>. It is generally well received by the specialized press, despite some divergent ideas. On January 15, 2008, Chrome Division announces that it has completed its second album, which was recorded between January 7 and 14, 2008 at Studio Fredmann. The album, entitled lang = "en"> Booze, Broads and Beelzebub , is published on July 18, 2008>.

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