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Cinema bizarre

Cinema Bizarre , sometimes boiling down to its initials, CB in Europe, or CinBiz in the US, is a German synthpop group, from Berlin.

It has several peculiarities that make it a totally separate band: firstly, although part of the new wave that saw the revival of German rock from 2005 in large buzz groups like Tokio Hotel or LaFee, Cinema Bizarre However, it differs in texts sung in English and not in their native language, unlike many of these "new German groups" adulated by some and marginalized by others.

Another special feature of Cinema Bizarre is the look of its members, strongly inspired by the visual kei; they do not hesitate to wear makeup, clothes and extravagant hairstyles ultimately giving them an androgynous look sometimes seductive, sometimes provocative, even shocking. These unusual looks in society.

Kiro, Strify and Yu meet in 2005 at Animagic, the famous manga / animation show, which brings together all European fans of comics and Japanese music. The other two members are contacted through the Internet. The chemistry between the five boys, who had all been involved in different musical projects, immediately pushed them to join a group together. If, at first, they opt for "Bizarre" as a group name, claiming their difference, they find that name had a taste of too little. They then add "Cinema" because they want to give their fans the show - like a pyrotechnic show or other special effects. They are also all movie fans. The visual is entirely part of the group. The origin of the name of the group comes also from the Cinema of the 1950s. It was the beginning of the strange, fantastic cinema such as Nosferatu and others. The costumes of these films are "weird" (hence the name).

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