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Coldrain ( コ ー ル ド ド レ イ ン , Kōrudorein > , stylized coldrain ) , is a Japanese metalcore band from Nagoya. Formed in 2007, the band mixes melodic singing and typical howling with the post-hardcore genre.

Three of their titles are used as anime credits: We're Not Alone is used as Rainbow's opening: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin> .8AM is used as the ending of Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger>. Feed the Fire is used as the opening of King's Game the Animation.

After the break-up of the Wheel of Life groups (RxYxO, Sugi and YKC) and AVER (Masato and Katsuma)>, Coldrain was formed in 2007 in Nagoya with Masato on vocals, RxYxO (Ryo) on bass guitar, Katsuma on drums, and YKC (Yokochi) and Sugi on the guitar. The musical interest they have in common leads to the formation of Coldrain. When AVER and Wheel of Life start together on stage, AVER hears a piece of Sevendust played during Wheel of Life rehearsals; excited, Katsuma will ask RxYxO, "do not tell me you're also a fan of Sevendust>!? Soon after, and each time they see each other, the idea of ​​forming a group emerges. RxYxO is originally singing, but goes to bass because of Coldrain>. The group is popularized locally by distributing independently demos at each of their concerts.

One year after the creation of Coldrain, a contract is offered by VAP>; they sign and publish a maxi single, Fiction, on November 5, 2008. They then undertake a national tour of 30 dates.

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