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Converge is an American hardcore punk band from Salem, Massachusetts >>>. The album that propels Converge to the forefront of the international hardcore punk scene is Jane Doe.

The "visuals" of the group (album covers, booklets ...) are created by singer Jacob Bannon, who also designs other groups of his own label Deathwish Inc. as As I Lay Dying, Killing the Dream, and The Blinding Light. He begins to market his graphic works. Bannon manages another label, Icarus Imprint, on which he releases more experimental and convoluted things than on DeathWish, the latter being reserved for "effective" hardcore productions.

Each member of the group plays in other formations: Jacob Bannon with his solo project Dear Lover, Kurt Ballou who exerts his talents of producer within his Godcity Studio, Nate Newton with the hardcore stoner band Doomriders as well as the group of post- hardcore Old Man Gloom, and finally drummer Ben Koller who officiates at Cave In, All Pigs Must Die and more recently in Mutoid Man. The two groups (Cave In and Converge) have a joint project, Verge-In, bringing together members of both groups.

Converge was formed in winter 1990 by singer Jacob Bannon and guitarist Kurt Ballou, who were then joined by bassist Jeff Feinburg and drummer Damon Bellorado. They start with hardcore punk, punk rock and heavy metal songs. In 1994, the group became a quintet after the arrival of Aaron Dalbec as second guitarist. Later in 1994, Converge released his first studio album, Halo in a Haystack. The album is published on the Earthmaker Records label in vinyl format limited to 1,000 copies. The album will never be reissued>. The album is financed by Bannon thanks to the money he saved while working in a retirement home.

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