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Dolores O'Riordan (†)

The Cranberries is an Irish alternative rock band from Limerick. In the 1990s, the first four albums of the group, particularly No Need to Argue, are experiencing commercial success around the world. Although their separation is not official, the members of the group announce in 2003 that they would concentrate some time only on their solo careers. After more than six years of absence, The Cranberries returns to the front of the scene at the end of 2009 with an American and European tour that extends until autumn 2010 and a new album in 2012. The singer of the group, Dolores O 'Riordan, dies on January 15, 2018 in London (United Kingdom). The group announces its separation and the definitive end of the group just after the release of a posthumous album in 2019. The Cranberries, one of the most important groups from the 1990s, has sold more than 41 million albums in the world. whole world>.

It was in 1989 that Noel Hogan and Mike Hogan, two brothers from the suburbs of Limerick, formed a band with drummer Fergal Lawler, a childhood friend. Initially, the singer and lyricist of the band is one of their friends, Niall Quinn>, this one directs the band to the parodic rock> with tracks like My Granny Drowned in a Fountain in Lourdes, I Was Always All Ways or Throw Me Down in a Big Stair. He is also the one who decides to christen the group "The Cranberry Saw Us" because, pronounced quickly, it sounds like cranberry sauce ("cranberry sauce", a typical accompaniment to Thanksgiving meals) >>>. At that time, the group only repeats on weekends and its notoriety is limited to a handful of people in Limerick. In 1990, Niall Quinn decides to join another group because he considers that Cranberry lacks plans for the future. Before leaving, Quinn mentions to the group the name of a classmate of his girlfriend who could replace him, Dolores O'Riordan.

Dolores O'Riordan, who has also been looking for a band for six months, is briefed by her friend and presents at one of the band's rehearsal sessions one evening in May 1990, a keyboard under her arm >>>. As soon as she begins to sing, her voice amazes the other three members, who then start to play several compositions of Noel Hogan >>>. After the audition, Noel Hogan asks O'Riordan to write a song based on an already existing model of the band. A week later, Dolores O'Riordan returns with the lyrics of their debut piece, Linger, one of the group's future greatest hits.

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