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Creedence clearwater revival

Creedence Clearwater Revival (often simply called Creedence or its initials CCR) is a rock band with blues influences and country, from Berkeley in the San Francisco area. Formed in 1958 by the author, composer, singer and guitarist John Fogerty, drummer Doug Clifford, bassist Stu Cook - and soon joined by John's older brother, Tom Fogerty - he will first take over name of the Blue Velvets then Golliwogs, before revealing itself in 1967 with the album Creedence Clearwater Revival.

When it was separated in 1972, Creedence Clearwater Revival made its mark on rock history.

Planetary successes like Have You Ever Seen the Rain ?, Proud Mary, Green River or Fortunate Son are still part of "Five hundred songs that forged rock n'roll" , six of the seven albums (with the exception of Mardi Gras) and the various compilations are still recipes and are now certified platinum>.

His 1993 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nomination marks Creedence as one of the most influential American groups of the last fifty years.

In 1958, two classmates from Portola College in El Cerrito, one of the countless small towns in San Francisco Bay, decided to form a blues band. John Fogerty buys an electric guitar for the occasion and practices in his room, while Douglas Clifford accompanies him by tapping a makeshift battery. Very quickly, the two friends recruit another buddy, Stewart Cook, on the bass, to expand their training. Still a teenager, confirmed pianist and bassist, he has already participated in a radio-hook in an Oakland classical music radio. Thus the trio The Blue Velvets is born, through rehearsals, concerts in local high schools and bars, and even if it is limited to resume success of the time.

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