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Crematory is a German Gothic metal band from Westhofen. They begin their career as a death metal band and evolve quickly to a Gothic style while keeping some specific doom-death elements.

Crematory is formed in 1991 in Westhofen. The group had its first success in the mid-1990s, turning with My Dying Bride, Tiamat and Atrocity. Like the latter, the band plays death metal at first, then evolves to a more atmospheric gothic death metal doom style. From the Act Seven album, published in 1999, they have gradually moved towards a more electronic / ambient / industrial style, a touch that, as time goes by, takes more and more space in their music. The album involves guitarist Matthias Hechler, Lisa Mosinski, Michael Rohr and Kalle Friedrich. It also reaches the German musical rankings>.

In September 2000 released the album Believe, which becomes the highest ranked of their musical catalog in 2009>. The group celebrates its tenth anniversary in February 2001>. In the same year, however, the group separated briefly due to "personal and financial problems". " Before their split, the band made a stint at the Wacken Open Air Festival for a performance that will be recorded and released as a live album under the title Remind>. The group officially meets in July 2003>, and publishes a year later the album Revolution, which is one of their biggest commercial successes thanks to the promotion of their label Nuclear Blast and three singles, as well as an album live accompanying the new album and his tour. The following albums by Massacre Records, have since reduced the influence of electronic music and renew with the aesthetics of the group in the 1990s.

In addition to the new album Infinity, released in February 2010, the group celebrates its twentieth anniversary with the release of a compilation including a DVD containing their video clips and other bonuses. In February 2014 released the album Antiserum.

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