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Crowded House is an Australian rock band from Melbourne. His career began in 1985 and was completed in 1996. The group's return in 2006. The list of their most famous songs includes Do not Dream It's Over, Something So Strong, Better Be Home Soon , Fall at Your Feet, Weather with You and Distant Sun. Unlike the very good reputation of the antipodean group, the United States and in many European countries, Crowded House remains little known to the French public.

A first album, eponymous, is published in 1986. The following albums confirm the melodic quality of the band and put forward the clear voice of Neil Finn, who can evoke that of Julian Lennon or his brother Sean Lennon. Woodface, third album released in 1991 devotes the group to the world level and brings together several hits like Weather with You which will be taken again in 2006 by Jimmy Buffett, Fall at Your Feet and It's Only Natural. 1993 saw the arrival of multi-instrumentalist Mark Hart, former Supertramp, in place of Tim Finn. Together Alone, the last studio album before the break-up of the band, is a hit all around the globe. In 1996, the group decided to separate and organize a farewell concert. Neil Finn started a solo career (three albums between 1998 and 2001) and produced two albums with his brother Tim under the name of Finn Brothers. The live album 7 Worlds Collide (2001) brought together several great artists including Eddie Vedder, Ed O'Brien, Phil Selway, and Johnny Marr.

In 2005, the drummer Paul Hester, then famous to animate a show on Australian television since the Crowded House stop, commits suicide. In 2007, the group reformed under the leadership of Neil Finn, with Nick Seymour member, Mark Hart (guitar and keyboards), and a new drummer, Matt Sherrod (formerly Beck Hansen) >>>. The album Time on Earth was released in July 2007 and the album Intriguer in June 2010.

The founding members of the group, at this time called The Mullanes in 1985, are Neil Finn (guitar, vocals), Paul Hester (drums) (1959-2005) and Nick Seymour (bass). Tim Finn, pianist and older brother of Neil, has often collaborated with the group at various times. Originally, the two brothers were members of the Split Enz group, which Neil had joined young (18 years old) thanks to his compositional talents. The name of the group would come from the time of their beginnings, when they all lived together in a small house. They signed a contract with Capitol Records, but Hooper left before the trio relocated to Los Angeles to record a first album >>>. At Capitol's request, the name of the group changes to Crowded House, which refers to the lack of space in their home in Hollywood Hills >>>>>.

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