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Cruachan is an Irish folk metal band from Dublin. Active since the early 1990s, he is recognized as one of the founders of the genre. He combines elements of heavy and black metal with traditional instruments (bodhrán, tin-whistle, flute, acoustic guitars of different types).

The band plays Celtic metal, and the song lyrics deal with Celtic myths or Irish history, from the angle of "Irish Rebellion Music" (which supports Ireland's independence from the UK). The name of the group comes from the archaeological site of Rathcroghan in Ireland, which also bears the name of Cruachan (pronounced "krouakann").

In 1991, guitarist Keith Fay formed a black metal band inspired by the Tolkien universe, dubbed Minas Tirith. While launching his band, Fay began to listen to more folk music and discovered the first Skyclad album, The Wayward Sons of Mother Earth . Originally released in 1990, this album that the critics will not hesitate to describe as "ambitious" and "innovative" impresses the guitarist and makes him want to combine black metal with Irish traditional music>. In 1992, Keith Fay formed Cruachan and the band recorded its first demo the same year. Fay explains later that the Irish rock band Horslips had "a great influence on Cruachan", going so far as to say that "what they did in the 1970s is equivalent to what we do today">.

In 1995 released the first album of the band, Tuatha Na Gael. Although it was produced on a low budget and suffers as a result of poor sound quality, the album draws the attention of Century Media Records. The group members are delighted to see that such a "big label" is interested in them, but are disappointed by the terms and conditions of the contract that is offered to them. They therefore refuse to sign a contract which, according to them, would give the label "the right to change any aspect of music">. After that, they try to negotiate terms, but fail to achieve satisfaction. Lassés, the musicians end up giving up and the group is dissolved in 1997.

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