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Cryptopsy is a Canadian extreme metal band from Montreal, Quebec. The group first practiced technical grind in its debut to switch to brutal technical death metal. The band turned to deathcore for their album The Unspoken King. The group has more than 300,000 copies sold>.

Cryptopsy was formed in 1988 by drummer Mike Atkin, guitarist Steve Thibault and singer Dan Greening (who will later take the name of Lord Worm) as Necrosis. John Todds later joins the bass. The group publishes some demos like Mastication and Heterodontism (1989), Realms of Pathogenia (1991), and Necrosis (1992). The group made its first scenic appearance in 1992, and changed its name to Cryptopsy the same year.

Atkin, whose musical direction is more thrash and speed metal oriented, leaves the group and is replaced by Flo Mounier (presented to the group by Todds), whose fast drum style will mark the debut of Cryptopsy. Todds leaves Necrosis soon after to devote himself to his family. Guitarist Dave Galea also joins the band.

Cryptopsy recruits Kevin Weagle to play bass, and the band releases its first demo, Ungentle Exhumation . This demo attracts the interest of the local label Gore Records. Gore Records will reissue the demo and, for a brief period, manage the band. The first demo of Cryptopsy attracts some interest in the underground death metal scene and also that of the German label Invasion Records. In 1994, bassist Kevin Weagle was replaced by Martin Fergusson. Dave Galea leaves the band and is replaced by guitarist Jon Levasseur. The band recorded a first studio album, "Blasphemy Made Flesh" , first released independently and then on the label Invasion Records. The album gives them a greater notoriety in the local scene.

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