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Cult of luna

Cult of Luna is a Swedish post-metal band from Umeå, in the municipality of Umeå. Formed in 1998 around Klas Rydberg on vocals and Johannes Persson on guitar, the band uses various musical elements (from sludge to atmospheric metal) from Sweden. It is formed as a result of the separation of the Eclipse group.

Their style is similar to bands like Neurosis, Isis or Breach, although Cult Of Luna stands out, adopting a nebulous style that can be related to bands like Envy or even Explosions in the Sky.

The adventure Cult of Luna begins after the split of Eclipse, a hardcore band that has never really talked about him, even in his native Sweden. This is the first group of singer Klas Rydberg and guitarist Johannes Persson who together will build Cult of Luna in 1998. The band quickly released a first demo in 1999. Their style is not yet defined is quite "rough" between hardcore, quieter passages, etc.

In addition to looking for a style, the group is not stable and training changes regularly. Until a fan and incidentally manager of Trust No One Recordings makes them meet Switchblade time for a split-album. It is some time later that the British label Rage of Achilles is interested in them. Their first album comes out the year after their split album with Switchblade which marked their style which becomes heavier, more doom>

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