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Dark fortress

Dark Fortress is a German symphonic black metal band from Landshut, Bavaria.

Dark Fortress is formed in 1994 in Landshut, Germany>. On February 22, 1997, the group performed its first concert at Landshut's Path of Debris, Crack Up and Blackend, alongside bands such as Desaster, Lunar Aurora and Nagelfar. The band then released their first demo, Rebirth of the Dark Age, which will begin to make them known on the underground metal scene. This success will be worth them to realize a split CD with the group Barad Dür, who is entitled Towards Immortaliy which will leave under the label Fog of the Apocalypse Records. The group wanted for a moment the publication of a split>. They also explain in interviews the development of the NSBM >>> scene.

After a growing success, Dark Fortress released his first studio album in 2001, "Tales From Eternal Dusk" , whose sound is inspired by bands like Dissection, Unanimated, Satyricon and Dimmu Borgir. After a few changes in the line-up, the band released a second studio album, Profane Genocidal Creations , released in February 2003, showing the evolution of Dark Fortress in the mix of classical elements and black metal in his music. With a stabilized line-up, the band can finally go on tour with extreme metal bands far more popular than them, such as Behemoth, Impaled Nazarene, Pungent Stench, God Dethroned and other lesser-known groups of the scene. metal. In retrospect, some were dissatisfied with the sound of the album.

In the following year, Dark Fortress released a third studio album, "Stab Wounds" , which will reveal them to the German Metal scene and especially to the Whole Europe. Their next album, Séance, gets even bigger success. The band then becomes more than just a black metal band from the German underground. The main themes of the album seek to break the cliché of black metal lyrics focused on the apology of Satanism and suicide. The lyrics of this album deal more with the theme of the fragility of human existence and the illusions of humanity. On May 13 (2007, the singer of the group, Azathoth, is dismissed from the group for reasons of conflict with other members of the group, he will be replaced by the vocalist Morean.In 2008, the group released Eidolon with their new singer.

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