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Dark funeral

Dark funeral is a Swedish black metal band. After producing six studio albums, two EPs (including one of covers) and two live DVDs, the band has become a reference in the Swedish black metal and black metal scene in general.

The group was formed in 1993 by guitarists Lord Ahriman and Blackmoon in Stockholm. They are quickly joined by the drummer Draugen and the singer and bassist Themgoroth. Dark Funeral is one of the first groups of the second wave of black metal and also one of the first Swedish black metal bands (preceded by their Marduk friends), the first wave of black metal bands being mostly Norwegian. The year after the creation of the group, Dark Funeral released its first production, an EP bearing the band's name. It was recorded at Uni-Sound Studio in January 1994. This first production already shows the style of the group, which will be confirmed by the release of their first studio album, The Secrets of The Black Arts. The formation plays a brutal black metal and the sound is of a quality similar to the productions of the first groups of Norwegian black metal of the first wave.

In 1995, the band signed with the label No Fashion Records and prepared songs for a future album.

After the departure of the singer / bassist Themgoroth, it is the singer Emperor Magus Caligula who will replace it in the formation, it will also resume its role of bassist. In 1998, Dark Funeral released his second studio album, Vobiscum Satanas, recorded at Abyss Studio.

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